Video (27 minutes).
The artwork was created as part of the Underwater. Shchaslyvtseve residence, 2021.
The plot of my film is based on observing nature, its relaxed, romantic and pleasantly sad atmosphere. The film also captures relaxation and walks in the company of my female artist friends with short, not too serious dialogues devoid of arguments and reflections and sounds of nature, unexpected and having a surprising effect on me. One wants to transform them into eternity, into an eternal search for something new. These are my emotions and impressions, my personal experiences of joy from being in a new place with its natural peculiarities. All of that was embodied in brisk and at the same time long walks, into an approach to an unknown, ultimately desired but, so far, inaccessible point. In these observations, my friends and I seemingly walk aimlessly in order to arrive nowhere. While, in fact, this will turn out to be an experience in the search for oneself, for one’s internal beauty, which is created by the eternal power in unified harmony. This is my attempt to convey a common goal and true friendship.

The endpoint of the video is an attempt to cross into the territory of the annexed Crimea. Residence participants take pictures of a thin strip of a now forbidden zone, which is hardly distinguishable, separated by the sea.

Soon we will all go home, and I will not see even this tiny part of Crimea for a long time. In my memories, only warm moments will remain from that week at the residence, and only photos can attest that it was not Utopia.