first Oksana's interview with Anti, 2015
Oksana Kazmina
Video collage (64 minutes).
The artwork was created as part of the Underwater. Shchaslyvtseve residence, 2021.
If language is performative and can be an event that unfolds here and now, then what about an interview in which you answer questions that are important to you? This interview is a recording, an artefact. It is recorded very precisely and does not involve interference if one is looking for "authenticity". But it is also true that thought is as flexible as are the physical processes in the body. The thought is also an emotion, meaning that thought and speech are deeply connected with much more than a straight line of cause and effect. These confusing relationship trajectories are something I focused on while working on this video.
Oksana offers to walk naked in front of the camera to get used to it, 2017
film as text and practice of the body
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